Aftermath – Press and Media

22/09/18 Video: South Pole Interview – BBC

12/10/2009 Online: Taking his passion to the extreme – Irish Times

14/01/2009 Online: Blind competitor Mark Pollock is tired but happy at the half way point – The Telegraph

23/01/2009 Online: Blind NI explorer closes in on South Pole – Belfast Telegraph

27/01/2009 Online: Blind explorer reaches South Pole – The Telegraph

28/01/2009 Online: Blind Irishman makes polar history – Irish Examiner

27/01/2009: Blind explorer reaches South Pole – Disabled World

02/02/2009 Online: The Big Chill: the inside story of James Cracknell and Ben Fogle’s Antarctic epic – The Telegraph

04/02/2009 Online: South Pole first for blind Mark – Belfast Telegraph

24/03/2009 Radio: Blind explorer Mark Pollock – RNZ Radio

07/09/2010 Documentary Trailer: Blind Man Walking – RTE


10/10/12 Online: Ben Fogle, The Adventurer: our inspiring disabled travellers – The Telegraph

18/01/2016 World Economic Forum – “What the polar explorers teach us about resilience.”

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