Team South Pole Flag joined 5 teams from across the world in December 2008 to compete in the first race to the South Pole in 100 years.

Racing as Team South Pole Flag with Simon O’Donnell and Inge Solheim, Mark joined 5 teams from across the world from December 2008 to February 2009 to compete in the first race to the South Pole since Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen set foot in Antarctica 100 years before.

When the team got to Antarctica, they faced the immense pressure that the conditions exerted on their bodies and minds as they struggled for 16-hours a day to put one foot in front of another racing across the harsh Antarctic continent.

  • Navigating and skiing over 1,000 KM to the Geographic South Pole
  • Surviving in temperatures as low as -50C while enduring extended sleep deprivation
  • Hauling 90 kg pulks (sledges) across crevasse fields
  • Climbing up to 9,300 feet to the South Pole

Read the full archive of official race reports and audio clips recorded by Team South Pole Flag during the race below.




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