Temperature: -30C
Weather: Blue Skies.

Good weather continues on the South Pole Race. In a fantastic effort today Team Danske Bank have overtaken Due South for fourthplace. South Pole Flag have increased their hold on 3rd place, however report they will stop in 1 hour, with Danske Bank tired but determined and planning to continue for a further 4 hours – possibly enough time to take third place.

Team Qinetiq have covered an impressive 45km today – their distances increasing day by day, and they are now in a strong position holding their lead over Missing Link by over 5km. Missing Link have had a long day, they are finding their pulks heavy – they have brought extra equipment for bad weather, which will help them if the weather turns, but while it is blue skies and sunshine they are struggling to keep up with Qinetiq. However Missing Link are a strong willed team, they plan to continue for the next few hours, and say it is hard, but they are glad it is hard, they came to Antarctica for the Challenge – that’s fighting talk!

The support team experienced an unusual phenomenon today – running into the Norwegian Antarctic Research Expedition conducting a science survey in Antarctica. The odds of the two expeditions running into each other are very remote – the only trans Antarctic expeditions there this year, in a desolate place bigger than India and China put together, and the two meet! Many thanks to the team for showing us around their incredible vehicles and equipment – including showers, stove, drills, radar and much much more – an extremely impressive expedition. The Norwegian’s explained they were extremely surprised to see ski tracks, and then a support team – on their last expedition the only thing they saw was one lone ski pole! Team Southern Lights enjoyed a quick stop for a cup of tea with the Research Team also. Southern Lights have had a good day and are feeling strong.

Race Positions

1st 121km Team QinetiQ
2nd 116km Team Missing Link
3rd 104km Team South Pole Flag
4th 101km Danske Bank
5th 100km Team Due South
6th 67km Team Southern Lights