Temperature: -20C
Weather: Wind Chill – 25C

Missing Link and QinetiQ are neck and neck! The Norwegians caught up with British team QinetiQ and they have been skiing together all day. However Missing Link have just put up their tent for a short rest and intend to start skiing again at 2am, while QinetiQ intend to ski until 2am and then stop for their rest – difficult when they are tired and the team they are in competition with are stopping to rest

Team Danske Bank have overtaken South Pole Flag to take third place! South Pole Flag had a later start this morning and have fallen behind slightly – Danske Bank are 5km ahead of them. Both teams intend to continue for the next 3 hours. Due South are making excellent progress, and are making ground towards 4th place. Southern Lights had a slow morning but this was followed by a fantastic afternoon and they are in high spirits.

Teams are beginning to decide on their tactics for reaching the checkpoint – watch for more news tomorrow.

Race Positions

1st 245km Team QinetiQ
2nd 245km Team Missing Link
3rd 222km Team Danske Bank
4th 217km Team South Pole Flag
5th 213km Team Due South
6th 149km Team Southern Lights