Temperature: -23.5C
Weather: Wind Chill – 32.5C

Missing Link increase their lead on QinetiQ. The two teams are within 50km of the checkpoint, and have been skirting around the edge of a crevasse field today. Both have been exercising caution and using their training to avoid any risks. Both teams are aiming to be at the checkpoint early tomorrow afternoon – which could mean a race to cross the checkpoint line! QinetiQ intend to ski half way, pitch camp to make hot food and fresh water and then continue; Missing Link intend to ski until they arrive. The next 24 hours will be a test of endurance – which team will be able to keep going at full strength for the longest?

Conditions today have been poor visibility – with low contrast and low cloud base. This makes it difficult to ski forward and balance as its difficult to distinguish the sky from the ground! This evening conditions are beginning to brighten and the blue sky is returning. Danske Bank remain ahead of South Pole Flag – who are holding a steady 3km behind them. Due South’s Rachel, Hylton and Phil are making great progress. Tess and Pete are now at the checkpoint resting. They will continue their journey to the Pole tomorrow and are looking forward to setting off again.

Amundsen’s journey was 870 statute miles to the South Pole. They covered an average of 15.5 miles per day with their dog teams. Team QinetiQ cover an average of 28 miles per day – but with much much lighter loads!

Race Positions

1st 333km Team Missing Link
2nd 326km Team QinetiQ
3rd 295km Team Danske Bank
4th 292km Team South Pole Flag
5th 289km Team Due South
n/a CP Team Southern Lights