Temperature: -20C
Weather: Blue Skies.

Last night Team QinetiQ camped 10km ahead of Missing Link, however Missing Link awoke early this morning and have made up a lot of ground during the day. Team QinetiQ still maintain the lead – with Missing Link within 1km. Both teams are still moving.

Due South and South Pole Flag are currently battling for 3rd place, closely followed by Danske Bank, who report they can see 2 teams in front of them and are hoping they will put up their tent soon so they can overtake during the night. Southern Lights have had a really good day, are feeling full of energy and looking forward to tomorrow.

Race Positions

1st 75.5km Team QinetiQ
2nd 74.9km Team Missing Link
3rd 65.2km Team South Pole Flag
4th 64.9 Team Due South
5th 63km Team Danske Bank
6th 41.4 Team Southern Lights