Temperature: -20C
Weather: Wind Chill – 25C


Missing Link take the lead! The Norwegian team are 3km ahead of QinetiQ with a clear lead for the first time since the beginning of the race. However they are planning to camp up now, whereas QinetiQ are continuing for the next several hours. Missing Link intend to start skiing again when QinetiQ go to bed – a psychological game of leap frog is forming!


Danske Bank remain in 3rd position, but South Pole Flag have gained some ground on them today closing the gap between the two teams from 5km to 2km. Due South are progressing steadily.


Every day competitors have to cover a minimum distance day so that they can complete the race. Southern Lights have made an absolutely fantastic effort so far but are not covering quite enough ground, so they are being moved forward over the next few days. They are in high spirits and looking forward to getting back on the trail.


The racers are now at 85 degrees. They will reach the South Pole in 10 – 20 days. Amundsen was at 85 degrees on November the 17th. He reached the South Pole on 27 days later on the 14th December.


Race Positions


1st 289km Team Missing Link
2nd 286km Team QinetiQ
3rd 257km Team Danske Bank
4th 255km Team South Pole Flag
5th 252km Team Due South
n/a CP Team Southern Lights