Temperature: -20.7C
Weather: Wind Chill – 27.7C.

Team South Pole Flag have covered the furthest distance today, a fantastic 43km. They are just staying ahead of Danske Bank who are staying a steady 2km behind them. Due South are making steady progress and enjoying the race day by day. QinetiQ remain in the lead and report they feel “held together with sticky back plastic” as they are suffering with blisters, Missing Link have closed the gap on them to 3km behind, but are equally experiencing sore feet. Both teams are continuing in good spirits – they realise that blisters are part and parcel of an endurance race as extreme as this. The good weather continues with blue skies and good visibility in beautiful Antarctica.

Race Positions

1st 203km Team Qinetiq
2nd 200km Team Missing Link
3rd 186km Team South Pole Flag
4th 184km Team Danske Bank
5th 174km Team Due South
6th 123km Team Southern Lights