Temperature: -23.5C
Weather: Wind Chill – 32.5C

Missing Link arrive first at the checkpoint! The two Norwegians made an incredible 90km push without sleep to arrive at the checkpoint in first place. They are tired but in good spirits and now enjoying a very well earned rest. QinetiQ arrived 4 1/2 hours after them, after a 40 hour push, and are now appreciating time off their feet which are sore and aching with blisters. The two teams chatted from inside to outside their tents.

Team Danske Bank remain in 3rd place, and hope to be at the check point tomorrow afternoon. South Pole Flag and Due South both predict to arrive late tomorrow

night – 4th place into the checkpoint may be a case of who can survive the longest on little sleep!

Race Positions

1st Team Missing Link
2nd Team QinetiQ
3rd 333km Team Danske Bank
4th 326km Team South Pole Flag
5th 322km Team Due South
n/a CP Team Southern Lights