Temperature: -25.5C
Weather: Wind Chill – 40.3C.

It’s been a stormy day with strong winds, spindrift and cold conditions. All teams have made good progress, but are feeling a little tired and weary. Missing Link have a lead of 23km. QinetiQ are skiing strongly behind them in second position, and have skied the furthest today – 45km. Danske Bank remain in 3rd but have found today tough, they plan to cover more distance tomorrow. Due South are in 4th position with South Pole Flag in 5th behind them. Pete and Tess are staying with the support crew for a few days to be moved forward a little further in order to complete the race.

At the time of writing conditions seem to be brightening – we are hoping for blue skies tomorrow!

Race Positions

1st 582km Team Missing Link
2nd 559km Team Qinetiq
3rd 504km Team Danske Bank
4th 476km Team Due South (they have not travelled as far as south pole flag but they are closer to the pole than south pole flag)
5th 483km Team South Pole Flag
6th 471km Team Southern Lights