Temperature: -25.5C
Weather: Wind Chill – 40.3C.

Missing Link have extended their lead to 33km ahead of QinetiQ. QinetiQ report they stopped early last night as they were exhausted, but they are now planning to continue into the night. Tess and Pete are safe and well and enjoying travelling with the support team.

Danske Bank have had a better day and are now 27km ahead of Team Due South who are in 4th place. Due South and South Pole Flag have made good ground. The weather has improved but we are all still hoping for sunny skies!

Amundsen’s team sat at the Pole on December 16th and took temperature readings every hour for 24 hours.

Race Positions

1st 626km Team Missing Link
2nd 593km Team Qinetiq
3rd 537km Team Danske Bank
4th 510km Team Due South (they have not travelled as far as south pole flag but they are closer to the pole than south pole flag)
5th 516km Team South Pole Flag
6th 471km Team Southern Lights