Missing Link increase their lead to 37km! Stian and Rune have had a huge day and covered 49km! QinetiQ have also had a good day with 46km under their belts.

Danske Bank hit 42km today – it looks like the good weather is spurring teams on – the blue skies have returned. South Pole Flag covered 38km with Due South skiing 36km and planning to ski for another 4 hours. Tess and Pete are feeling fine and will be on the move again in a few days time.

Race Positions

1st 675km Team Missing Link
2nd 638km Team Qinetiq
3rd 579km Team Danske Bank
4th 546km Team Due South (they have not travelled as far as south pole flag but they are closer to the pole than south pole flag)
5th 555km Team South Pole Flag
6th n/a Team Southern Lights