Team Missing Link have won the South Pole Race. The Norwegians crossed the line and arrived at the Geographic South Pole at 7pm today, completing the race 770km in 17 days and 11 hours. Watching the team cross was a historic and momentous occasion, they linked arms held high in the air as they walked to the Pole and planted a Norwegian flag. They stopped at the Pole and talked about their tremendous journey, the difficulties they have faced and their joy and pride at arriving at the Pole. The Norwegians have once again won the race to the South Pole, the first since Scott and Amundsen. Missing Link wanted to commend QinetiQ for making it a fantastic race. After all their hard work Missing Link will now get to spend some time at the Pole, resting, relaxing, eating and enjoying being at the Top of the Bottom of the World.

Team QinetiQ have had a really good day, are feeling in high spirits and expect to arrive at the Pole early tomorrow afternoon. Due South, Danske Bank, South Pole Flag and Southern Lights are all one day closer to the Pole – the air at the South Pole is crackling with excitement for their arrival.

Race Positions

1st South Pole: Team Missing Link
2nd 719km Team Qinetiq
3rd 653km Team Danske Bank
4th 608km Team Due South (they have not travelled as far as south pole flag but they are closer to the pole than south pole flag)
5th 625km Team South Pole Flag
6th n/a Team Southern Lights