Team QinetiQ finish the South Pole Race in second position! The team arrived this afternoon and are delighted to be at the Geographic South Pole. After a 70km push into the Pole the team exhausted, with blisters and little bits of frost nip, but are all in good spirits and looking forward to some R and R at the South Pole! Missing Link were at the Pole to shake their hand for completing such a fantastic journey. Congratulations to all of the team.

Due South have had a difficult couple of days as Phil and Rachel have had flu, but they have still been on their skis covering the distance and think they will be fit and well again by tomorrow. South Pole Flag have had a good day covering 35km. Danske Bank expect to be arriving at the Pole on the morning of the 24th. Tess and Pete, who have been moved forward by the support team, will be arriving at the Pole tomorrow afternoon, and can’t wait to touch the Geographic South Pole.

Race Positions

1st South Pole: Team Missing Link
2nd South Pole: Team Qinetiq
3rd 688km Team Danske Bank
4th 640km Team Due South (they have not travelled as far as south pole flag but they are closer to the pole than south pole flag)
5th 660km Team South Pole Flag
6th n/a Team Southern Lights