Team Danske Bank reach the pole, third place in the South Pole Race! They arrived today at 17:00, 20 days and 9 hours after departing from the Start Line. Congratulations to the team on such an amazing accomplishment. Teams Southern Lights, QinetiQ and Missing Link were all standing at the pole cheering them on over the finish line. They helped them take their pulks back, gave them hot drinks and sweet treats, and put up their tents for them for a good night’s rest. All are well, enjoying finally resting and not having to ski tomorrow, they say thank you so much to friends and family for the messages.

Due South have enjoyed a lazy morning with a lie in, and are continuing a bit further before their last night of sleep before the pole! They expect to arrive in the early hours of Monday morning. Mark, Inge and Simon have had a good day of skiing, and hope to be at the Pole late on Monday.

Race Positions

1st South Pole: Team Missing Link
2nd South Pole: Team Qinetiq
3rd South Pole: Team Danske Bank
4th 696km Team Due South (they have not travelled as far as south pole flag but they are closer to the pole than south pole flag)
5th 705km Team South Pole Flag
6th South Pole Team Southern Lights