Team South Pole Flag have made it to the Pole! Mark is now the first blind man to ski to the South Pole – an incredible achievement. Simon has faithfully helped him the whole way and never given up, Inge has been their guide on this amazing journey. Mark took it in his stride as he skied up to the Pole, and after over 70km skiing non-stop was joking and laughing at the Pole! Simon has seen the Doctor about his frostbitten fingers and also visited the US Base medical center, he is safe and well and recovering already.

The support staff would like to congratulate all of the competitors on their amazing achievement in completing this race. It has taken enormous courage, strength and determination to ski almost 800km to the Geographic South Pole, in Antarctica the driest, highest, coldest desert in the world – one of the most extreme environments on the planet.

Weather conditions at the Pole are poor – high winds, low visibility and lots of spindrift. Teams Danske Bank, Southern Light, Due South and South Pole Flag, are warm in their tents, waiting for a plane to take them to Novo, for the moment conditions prevent this.

Teams South Pole Flag and Due South enjoyed a tour of the US Scott-Amundsen Station today, and a very welcome glass of orange juice and a pastry. Many thanks to the station for all of their kindness and good will.

Finishing Times

Missing Link 19:03, 21st January – 17 days 8 hours 58 minutes
QinetiQ 15:15, 22nd January – 18 days 5 hours 10 minutes
Danske Bank 17:00, 24th January – 20 days 6 hours 55 minutes
Due South 16:10, 26th January – 22 days 6 hours 5 minutes
South Pole Flag 22:09, January – 22 days 12 hours 4 minutes